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WASHINGTON (January 12, 2021) – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is pleased to welcome the Organic Peroxide Producers Safety Division (OPPSD) as a new self-funded product group, which supports the needs of the organic peroxide industry. ACC provides issue management services to support specific chemical product and sector groups under its Chemical Products and Technology Division (CPTD).

The group was approved by ACC’s board of directors in November, and represents the producers, users, and suppliers of organic peroxides. The current members include Arkema Inc., LyondellBasell Industries, Nouryon, Pergan Marshall, LLC, and United Initiators, Inc. These members will work under four committees focused on stewardship, storage, toxicology and transportation. OPPSD’s primary activities include development and communication of best safety practices for firms that manufacture, ship, handle and store organic peroxides. OPPSD’s efforts also include development of testing methods to assess hazards of organic peroxide formulations and publication of reliable safety data and guidance related to these formulations.

“We are pleased to welcome OPPSD to ACC. Our industry is committed to safety and through OPPSD’s work, we will continue this collective pledge to make safety a core value in how our products are made, sold, delivered, used, and disposed of,” said Robert Simon, Vice President of CPTD. “Building on the group’s more than 50 year history before joining ACC, this group will further our efforts to promote the safer handling of organic peroxides and serve as a resource for plastics companies, and the public, about the science behind them.”

ACC's chemical product and sector groups represent large and small manufacturers, formulators, downstream users, distributors, suppliers, and other trade associations. CPTD provides comprehensive issue management services, including strategic counsel, advocacy, regulatory support, research, testing, product stewardship, education, outreach, and overall group administration.

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