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WASHINGTON (July 23, 2019) – A number of environmental groups today filed a legal petition asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt new water-pollution limits for facilities that make plastics. The following may be attributed to the American Chemistry Council:

“Our member companies are committed to excellence in product stewardship. As a condition of membership, under Responsible Care® they have adopted a management system that requires them to identify, measure, track and continuously improve environmental performance in all areas of their operations, including emissions or discharges from their facilities.

“We also encourage our members to participate in Operation Clean Sweep®, a voluntary stewardship program administered jointly by the Plastics Industry Association and ACC. OCS is designed to help facilities implement procedures to keep plastic materials out of our waterways and eliminate plastic pellet, flake and powder loss.

“Discharges to waterways are already highly regulated under federal law. Regulations under the Clean Water Act set strict limits on discharges of specific chemicals created during the manufacture of plastic resin. Data are publicly reported (e.g., EPA TRI, EPA ECHO database), and EPA obtains additional data from the companies through their permits. EPA already has a variety of regulatory tools and should focus its efforts through existing program mechanisms.”


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