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- "Recycling RV" Gives Visitors Interactive Look at Plastics Recycling; Online
Sweepstakes Offer Chance to Win an iPad ® * -

WASHINGTON (November 7, 2014) - Plastics Make it Possible® has launched a three-week recycling tour, under the theme " Don't Be Trashy. Recycle ." The tour celebrates America Recycles Day on November 15 and highlights opportunities to recycle more everyday plastics.

The Plastics Make it Possible  "Recycling RV" will make stops in cities including Washington, D.C., New York City, and Baltimore. At each stop, visitors to the RV can play recycling games, create quirky sharable photos, get a behind-the-scenes look at how recycling works, see examples of unexpected products made with recycled plastics-and enter online for a chance to win one of three 16GB iPad Air™ mobile digital devices.* Each visitor to the Recycling RV also will receive a T-shirt made with recycled plastics while supplies last.

Consumers who are unable to visit the tour in person can enter for a chance to win one of the iPads on the Plastics Make it Possible  website, as well as play online recycling games.

"Most people know it's important to recycle everyday plastics, but many have questions about which plastics to toss into the recycling bin-and then what happens to them," said Steve Russell , vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council, which sponsors the Plastics Make it Possible  initiative. "The Recycling RV is a fun, interactive way to help people better understand the central role they play in the recycling loop."

The tour and Recycling RV are designed to inspire people to  recycle more plastics by demonstrating the recycling process. For example, the interactive RV includes hands-on demonstrations and displays that illustrate key steps involved in one example of recycling plastic bottles and caps:

  • Grinding bottles and caps into small flakes;
  • Using a float-sink tank to separate specific plastics. Plastic flakes are submerged in water to separate them for recycling-due to different densities, the bottle flakes sink to the bottom while the cap flakes float to the top;
  • Heating plastic flakes and forming them into long, thin strands that are cooled and chopped into small pellets;
  • Using pellets to make a wide variety of cool and innovative new products: clothing, furniture, vehicle parts, packaging, and more.

People can follow the tour and find out where the Plastics Make it Possible  RV is stopping online , and on the Plastics Make it Possible   Facebook and Twitter .

The Plastics Make it Possible  online recycling games and form to enter for a chance to win one of three iPads can be found here .

America Recycles Day is sponsored by the nonprofit Keep America Beautiful and is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle.

For more information on plastics and sustainability, visit .

* Apple ® is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Enter online for a chance to win. Official Rules and details available here .


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