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WASHINGTON (June 9, 2014) Illinois Governor Pat Quinn today signed Senate Bill 2727 to ban the manufacture and sale of personal care products containing synthetic plastic microbeads. The American Chemistry Council supports this move, which also is widely embraced by NGOs and personal care product manufacturers. The following statement may be attributed to the American Chemistry Council:

"We applaud personal care product companies, Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois legislature for building on voluntary efforts by personal care product makers to assure the continued phase out of microbeads from personal care products. This legislation will eliminate the intentional addition of synthetic plastic microbeads from products that are used to exfoliate."

"We and our members are working hard to prevent plastics from becoming marine debris by promoting proper use, handling, recycling and recovery of these valuable materials. Through the American Chemistry Council, America's plastics makers have helped lead the development of the plastic's industry's " Global Declaration on Solutions for Marine Litter ," which has been signed by more than sixty plastics associations in 34 countries. Today, more than 140 projects focused on researching, preventing or reducing marine debris are underway around the globe."


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