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June 2, 2010

ARLINGTON, VA (June 2, 2010) - Tim Shestek, Senior Director of State Affairs for the American Chemistry Council, issued the following statement on Assembly Bill 1998 (Brownley):

"The last thing California consumers need right now is to have what amounts to a $1 billion tax added to their grocery bills - but that's what this legislation does. At a time when our state is struggling with cuts to schools, police service and health care, it's astounding to think the Legislature is seriously considering creating a new $1 million bureaucracy to monitor how people choose to pack their groceries - and putting 500 good-paying California jobs at risk in the process."

"Across California, millions of bags and other product wraps are being recycled, thanks to the state's partnerships with producers and retailers - important work that would stop and would actually result in more waste going to landfills if this bill is enacted. We're urging lawmakers to rethink their priorities - and defeat Assembly Bill 1998."

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