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WASHINGTON/BRUSSELS/DUBAI (January 16, 2018) –The World Plastics Council (WPC) is pleased to announce that AmericasStyrenics and BASF – two new leading plastic resin makers – have joined the WPC. 

“The WPC is delighted to welcome these two new members who will help in our global efforts to deliver sustainable outcomes for our industry, and for society” said WPC’s Chairman, Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh (SABIC). “Together, the world’s leading plastics makers are committed to providing innovations and effective solutions to help solve our most pressing global sustainability challenges, including a special focus on preventing marine litter" said Mr. Al-Fageeh. 

During the WPC’s General Assembly members delivered on commitments to support improved waste management solutions by affirming ongoing support for an initiative by Closed Loop Partners (in partnership with Ocean Conservancy and the Trash Free Seas Alliance) which aims to boost new investments from the private sector, governments and development finance institutions to improve waste collection, sorting and recycling in Southeast Asia.

The WPC was founded in 2014 with the goal of becoming the plastic industry’s platform to accelerate cooperation and alignment, and to deliver improved outcomes for the benefit of society and the global plastics industry. 

“Since 2011, our industry has partnered in many efforts to research and prevent marine debris around the world under our “Declaration of the Global Plastics Solutions for Solutions on Marine Litter,” which has been signed by 70 plastics associations in 35 countries. Our most recent Progress Report lists 260 projects that have been completed or are in progress in various parts of the world since the effort began. 


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