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WASHINGTON (March 30, 2021) – ACC’s Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs Kimberly Wise White, Ph.D., released the following statement regarding EPA’s recent announcement on potential updates to the TSCA new chemicals program:

“ACC supports a vigorous review of the health and environmental impacts of chemicals, including the review of new chemical substances under section 5 of the amended TSCA.

“We are concerned by EPA’s announcement regarding the pre-manufacture notice (PMN) review process. The agency should continue the use of non-5(e) SNURs to ensure the new chemicals program functions in a way that protects human health and the environment, while enabling our industry to continue to innovate, create jobs and grow the economy. Products based on new chemistries are essential to our ability to overcome pressing issues such as climate change, the global pandemic, aging infrastructure, food shortages and more.

“When considering workplace exposures for new and existing chemical evaluations, the public should understand that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration comprehensively regulates these potential exposures and employers already are required to follow these laws. EPA activity here risks imposing unnecessary delay or possibly redundant or contradictory measures.

“Actions that cause delays in the PMN review process will have a significant adverse impact on research and development expenditures, planning product launches, development of new sustainable chemistries, innovation and competitiveness.

“We urge EPA to carefully consider any potential changes that may reverse the years of progress that have been made to properly administer the TSCA new chemicals program.”


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