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EPA To Set Drinking Water Standards for PFOA and PFOS

Development of national drinking water standards for the two most common per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) should give Americans greater confidence in the safety of the water they drink and help to eliminate some of the confusion caused by the patchwork of state actions that have been announced in recent months.


Global Chemicals Output Rose in February

Global chemicals production rose 1.4% in February, continuing the global recovery that started last June, according to data collected and tabulated by the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

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Plastic Helps Reduce GHG Emissions

To combat climate change, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plastic helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Survey of Unvented Attics in Climate Zone 2A

The FSEC Energy Research Center (FSEC), at the University of Central Florida tested and collected data in six homes in the northern Florida portion of IECC Climate Zone 2 built after 2015 with insulated, unvented (semi-conditioned) attics to add to the body of knowledge on the accumulation of moisture in the attic and its effects on roof moisture that may impact durability.