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Reports and Studies

Dose-Dependence Of Chemical Carcinogenicity: Biological Mechanisms For Thresholds And Implications For Risk Assessment

The review highlights some of the key discoveries and technological advances that have influenced scientific understanding of chemical carcinogenesis over the last fifty years and provides case studies to demonstrate the utility of these modern technologies in providing a biologically robust evaluation of chemical dose-response for cancer risk assessment.

Reports and Studies

Improving Risk Assessment Approaches For Chemicals With Both Endogenous And Exogenous Exposures

This commentary provides a systematic approach for risk assessors to consider and address exogenous exposures to endogenous or background chemicals “up front” in the problem formulation step in order to make it an integral part of risk assessment, and to effectively engage risk managers and peers early in the process to allow regulatory options to inform the focus and scope of such risk assessments.

Reports and Studies

Executive Summary: Population Growth and Materials Demand Study

This report examines global mega trends that will affect future demand for plastics; economic variables and commodity material demand for things like food, drinking water, personal care products, health/medical care, fuel-efficient cars, energy-efficient homes, and connectivity; and potential demand for plastics and other materials. It also provides regional analyses. 

Reports and Studies

ACC Science & Research at the Society of Toxicology Meeting March 15-19, 2020

The SOT is the largest professional society of toxicologists in the world. For ACC, the annual SOT meeting, through both scientific sessions and poster presentations, provides a unique opportunity to communicate our latest research results and to interact with others engaged in related areas of research, testing and assessment.

Reports and Studies

Banked Blood BioMon Report (1 March 2020)

Targeted and Non-Targeted Analysis of Serum Pools to Provide Chemical Exposure Data for Exposure Modeling and Chemical Prioritization

Reports and Studies

ICCA LRI 2019 Workshop Full Report

21st Century Approaches for Evaluating Exposures, Biological Activity, and Risks of Complex Substances: Report of an ICCA-LRI Workshop Co-organised with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre

Reports and Studies

2018 National Post-Consumer Plastics Bottle Recycling Report

This study is a cooperative effort between the Plastics Division of ACC and APR, the goal of which is to quantify the amount of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) bottles collected for recycling, as well as the rate of recycling of those bottles.