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CPTD Panel Groups

The Chemical Products and Technology Division (CPTD) represents more than 70 self-funded, chemical-specific groups focused on the business of chemistry.

EDSP Consortia

ACC offers expertise and resources for industry to comply with the EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program through its EDSP Consortia.

Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG)

The Petroleum Additives - Fuel Additives Task Group (FATG) developed a Code of Practice for fuel and fuel detergent additive performance testing practices.  The objective of FATG is to pursue research and advocacy issues relative to fuel additives in order to enhance the performance of automotive and industrial fuels.

Petroleum Additives Panel

The Petroleum Additives Panel was formed in 1990 to pursue the research and advocacy interests of developers, manufacturers and marketers of additives used to enhance the performance of automotive and industrial petroleum fuels or lubricants.  The Panel’s mission includes the continuous development of a product approval protocol for engine oil testing, fuel and fuel detergent additive performance testing practices, and to address health, regulatory and environmental issues affecting the additives industry.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Representing over 80 companies, our Council of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CSME) is the leading industry forum for senior executives from small and medium sized chemical manufacturers.

Higher Olefins

The Higher Olefins Panel works with industry, stakeholders and regulators to advance science-based research and stewardship of higher olefins.

Regular Member

Regular members are companies engaged in the manufacture of chemicals in the United States and/or abroad. 

Gamma Butyrolactone and Butanediol

The Gamma Butyrolactone (GBL) and Butanediol (BDO) Panel of the American Chemistry Council formed in 2000 to pursue initiatives related to advocacy, communications, education, testing and legitimate use of GBL (CAS # 96-48-0) and BDO (CAS # 110-63-4).

Toluene and Xylene Panel

The mission of the Toluene and Xylene Panel is to address health, safety, and environmental issues that affect producers, distributors and users of toluene and xylene.

Code of Practice Code Bulletins

Code Bulletins that have been issued since the 2005 edition of the ACC Product Approval Code of Practice are listed here All other Code Bulletins have been archived For older Code Bulletins, please contact the PAPTG Manager Code Bulletin C 28 Inclusion of the Sequence IIIG into Appendices H and I of the Code

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