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Chlorine Can Bring Chemistry to Life

Introduce your students to chemistry without tackling the whole periodic table at once Recognizing basic elements as building blocks is essential to the study of science And looking closer at one element in particular chlorine can help ignite students interest in chemistry The following two day study of build

Antifreeze and the Freezing Point of Water

Chlorine based compounds play an important role in all of our lives Ethylene glycol, or antifreeze, is one product of chlorine chemistry While ethylene glycol C2H6O2 itself does not contain chlorine, it can be produced from ethylene chlorhydrin, which is a compound that includes chlorine in addition to three o

Exploring Chlorine Compounds

Purpose You will observe and compare the physical and chemical properties of different chlorine compounds Materials Magnifying glass Aluminum foil, 1 x 4 cm strip pH paper, 4 strips Chemplate or 4 small jars or test tubes with rack Small jar of tap water Dropper bottle of household ammonia Dropper Small spoon

Chlorine and Building Block Chemistry

Introduction Chlorine, an Element That s Everywhere Chlorine and Public Health From Whiter Whites to Leukemia Medications Introducing Building Block Chemistry More Building Block Chemistry Introduction What do tents, jogging shoes, cosmetics and schoolbooks have in common That s a good question to ask your

Eliminating Microorganisms from Water

Adding chlorine to drinking water has virtually eliminated waterborne diseases such as cholera in North America by destroying disease causing microorganisms You can safely and easily demonstrate how chlorine protects public health by removing microscopic life from a water culture that you create Materials Tap o

Chlorine in Our Lives

Many of you may know that chlorine is used in swimming pools, and to keep our water safe to drink But chlorine has many other important uses as well It is a building block in thousands of products medicines, plastics, other chemicals, paper products, etc Chlorine is used to manufacture each of the following p

Natural Chlorine? You Bet!

Chlorine s Natural Abundance Most people know that table salt, a natural mineral essential for the proper functioning of our nervous and muscular systems, is sodium chloride But many would be surprised to know that hundreds, probably thousands, of organic chlorine chemicals are produced by an array of biological a

Sunscreen and Light Energy

Chlorine and chlorine based compounds play an important role in protecting public health In fact, about 93 percent of the top selling pharmaceuticals are manufactured using chlorine chemistry This experiment will highlight chlorine s role in one important pharmaceutical product sunscreen Sunscreens are produced