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La Biblioteca de Recursos y Documentos

La Biblioteca de Recursos y Documentos sin costo y descargables del CPI proporciona una variedad de documentos de orientación, folletos informativos, y videos.

Public Policy & Pine Chemistry: Ensuring a Level Playing Field

While the Pine Chemistry sector supports the use of renewable energy,policies regarding biomass or renewable resources should notdisadvantage the Pine Chemistry sector In the context of energy policy,there are efforts to mandate or incentivize renewable energy sources, which could include burning biomass to creat


More and more communities today are recycling plastic foodservice packaging, including foam polystyrene packaging.

About the Pine Chemistry Panel

The ACC Pine Chemistry Panel, which was formed in April 2011, focuseson maintaining an awareness of regulatory and legislative initiatives,policy efforts, and industry related developments, particularly thoseaddressing climate and energy issues The Panel interacts proactively with regulatory and legislativeofficia

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has-green-indicators 2147483846 Aircraft Coatings Aliphatic diisocyanates are used to make durable coatings that help protect aircraft from the elements. false


Polystyrene has been used for foodservice packaging—foam coffee cups, salad bar takeout containers, hot noodle cups and more—for more than six decades.

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