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U.S. Lithium Development Opportunities

The U S Government has supported several successful research, development and commercialization projects through public and private partnerships and funding This continued support is essential to the development of the industry Research and Development of Resources, Refining, Manufacturing and Recycling The Un


Countless industries, from food production to manufacturing to gas extraction, rely on biocides in their day-to-day operations.

Biocides - Patient Protection

Biocides are an essential component in the arsenal used to control microbiological contamination in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Regulatory Cooperation

Sometimes, varying regulatory approaches can create unnecessary, non tariff barriers to chemicals trade, which can be resolved through regulatory cooperation.

Anne Womack Kolton

Executive Vice President, Communications, Sustainability & Market Outreach

Program Management

Strategic Science Team   The LRI Strategic Science Team (SST), which includes both senior scientists

Global Product Strategy Page

Chemical makers worldwide participate in the Global Product Strategy GPS designed to improve the management of chemical products, make available safety summaries and strengthen product stewardship GPS informs international efforts to enhance the safe production, use and disposal of chemical products, which is esse