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Chlorine Can Bring Chemistry to Life

Introduce your students to chemistry without tackling the whole periodic table at once Recognizing basic elements as building blocks is essential to the study of science And looking closer at one element in particular chlorine can help ignite students interest in chemistry The following two day study of build

The Disinfecting Power of an Old Stand-by: Chlorine Bleach

By these members of the Nurses Leadership Council, a group of nurse educators who advised the American Chemistry Council s Chlorine Chemistry Council for several years in the early 2000 s Nettie Birnbach, RN, EdD, FAAN Ann W Burgess, RN, DNSc, CS, FAAN Willa M Doswell, RN, PhD, FAAN Lucie S Kelly, RN, PhD, F

Chlorine Chemistry: Helping to Harness the Power of the Sun

Chlorine chemistry is imperative to purifying silicon used to make both solar cells and integrated circuits, the foundation of modern electronics A Partnership with the Sun For centuries, humans have taken advantage of the tremendous energy of the sun Besides powering the growth of crops, solar energy has long

Nanotechnology Definitions

Many regulatory bodies around the world have separately developed definitions of “nanomaterial” to identify materials of potential interest, resulting in inconsistent definitions among regulatory organizations.

Applications of Chemistry: Up, Up, and Away

So, you re relaxing on the beach and suddenly it appears on the horizon the blimp, drifting across the sky, advertising sunscreen or toting a banner for a local restaurant Besides helium, the lighter than air gas that gives blimps and other large balloons their buoyancy, what chemistry goes into these airborne beh

Chlorine Chemistry Is a Key to Better Health in the Developing World

A simple turn of the faucet, and there it is abundant fresh, clean water It can quench your thirst, help cook your food, or provide welcome relief in a hot tub at the end of a hard day but it is not available to all An Essential Commodity Life on Earth is water based Our lives depend on this liquid, which is pu


Formaldehyde has been used routinely for decades in hundreds of products.

Swimming in Chlorinated Pools

Does swimming in chlorinated pools really cause cancer that some media blogs have reported Is chlorine in swimming pools a health hazard What are disinfection byproducts Where do they come from So, what can I do to reduce my exposure to these disinfection byproducts I guess I thought the chlorine would ta


Want more information on formaldehyde? Visit this important frequently asked questions page to learn more.

Chlorine and Building Block Chemistry

Introduction Chlorine, an Element That s Everywhere Chlorine and Public Health From Whiter Whites to Leukemia Medications Introducing Building Block Chemistry More Building Block Chemistry Introduction What do tents, jogging shoes, cosmetics and schoolbooks have in common That s a good question to ask your

Health & Safety

Mandatory government regulations set standards to protect human health and the environment.