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Advances in chemistry play a key role in increasing agricultural production. Chemical products protect plants from pest infestation, increase crop production, and slow soil erosion.

Energy Efficiency

America needs a comprehensive energy policy that promotes energy efficiency in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.


Federal tax policy must keep corporate tax rates low, end double taxation and encourage research and development so U.S. chemistry industry companies can innovate, create jobs and compete globally.

Endocrine Active Chemicals

ACC is engaged with the scientific community and regulatory agencies to enhance the scientific understanding of chemicals that may interact with the endocrine system and to promote sound decisions to effectively manage risks that may exist from exposure to them.

Security and Safety

ACC member companies manufacture products that are critical to the everyday health and well-being of our nation, and essential to developing a greener, cleaner, more competitive economy.

ACC Trade Policy Positions

ACC and its member companies are recognized as major stakeholders and constructive partners to discussions related to top U.S. trade policy issues. We regularly submit comments and testify before the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

RC Grid

2 false false Government and Industry Working Together As host economy for the 2019 Chemical Dialogue, Chile has chosen two priority areas that directly affect the chemical industry: greater integration through regulatory cooperation, and sustainable development. Download the fa

Trade Overview Infographic

3 Exports U.S. chemical manufacturers export large volumes of chemicals to trading partners who depend on them for their own manufacturing processes. Teal Imports U.S. chemical manufacturers import feedstocks and raw materials that are essential to U.S

Regulatory Cooperation

The United States and some of its top trading partners regulate chemicals in different ways. Sometimes, varying regulatory approaches can create unnecessary, non tariff barriers to chemicals trade, which can be resolved through regulatory cooperation. ACC

Chemistry in Nevada

See how Chemistry Matters in Nevada. Download State and District Fact Sheets.