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Reports and Studies

Study Shows Used Plastics Add Value in New Chemical Recycling Technologies

America’s Plastics Makers™ are committed to finding viable solutions for repurposing non-recycled used plastics. These valuable resources do not belong in landfills or, worse, our oceans. While traditional recycling is a great option for many plastics, it has its limitations.

Plastic Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about plastics and the environment Check our Frequently Asked Questions below Related Categories Plastics Resource Conservation Energy Efficiency Waste Reduction Recovery Waste to Energy Landfilling 213

Resource Conservation FAQs

Q What is resource conservation and why is it important A Through effective resource conservation, we can minimize our impact on the planet by using the earth s resources wisely To do this, we must more efficiently manage natural resources and lessen the environmental impact of the products we use, from raw ma

Program Archives

View these LRI program archives to learn more about past ACC initiatives.

Market Pricing or Sales

As a trade association of U S chlorine producers and users, the American Chemistry Council s Chlorine Chemistry Division does not distribute price or marketing information on chlorine or any other chemicals, or related equipment 153

Overview of Research Program in 2005

Table of Contents 1 0 Introduction 2 0 Focus Area Improved Methods 2 1 Human Health and Ecological Effects Screening and Testing Methods 2 1 1 Toxicity test methods, emphasizing development 2 1 2 Integration and implications of new and emerging approaches in health effects research 2 1 3 Methods for detect

LRI Workshops

LRI co-sponsors workshops and conferences with scientific societies, international organizations, and governmental agencies that are designed to focus on timely issues of mutual interest to these groups and to policy makers.

PFPG Membership

Any company that manufactures and sells plastics (including polystyrene) monomer, resin or plastics (including polystyrene) foodservice packaging products is eligible to become a member of PFPG.

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water

Water To Be Used for Drinking, Cooking, Making Any Prepared Drink, or Brushing the Teeth Should Be Properly Disinfected When the home water supply is interrupted by natural or other forms of disaster, you can obtain limited amounts of water by draining your hot water tank or melting ice cubes In most cases, well w