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Chemical Management

Promoting the safe use of the essential products of chemistry is a shared responsibility of manufacturers, the government and those who use or sell chemical products.


Currently, the Process Automation Users Group (PAUG) maintains two working groups.


Safe, reliable and affordable rail transportation of chemicals is essential to the business of chemistry.

Chemistry in Arizona

See how Chemistry Matters in Arizona. Download State and District Fact Sheets.


The chemical industry pioneers new products that make our lives safer, healthier and more sustainable.


America’s environmental policies must promote the shared national goal of a healthy environment while encouraging innovation and high-skilled, high-paying jobs in the business of chemistry


The products of chemistry—from flame retardants, to bike helmets, to battlefield technologies—have helped make the world safer.

STAGED--Health and Nutrition

Over the past century, advances in chemistry have led to groundbreaking medicines and medical treatments that have eradicated once deadly diseases.

Chemistry in Nevada

See how Chemistry Matters in Nevada. Download State and District Fact Sheets.


Chemistry. Its widespread use to create innovative new products is one of the hallmarks of our modern age.

RC Grid

2 false false Government and Industry Working Together As host economy for the 2019 Chemical Dialogue, Chile has chosen two priority areas that directly affect the chemical industry: greater integration through regulatory cooperation, and sustainable development. Download the fa