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Medical Treatment Options

This document is intended to assist such readers in their understanding of various options related to first aid and treatment.

Infographics and Fact Sheets

Chemical Activity Barometer Fact Sheet

The Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), the ACC’s first-of-its kind, leading macroeconomic indicator will highlight the peaks and troughs in the overall U.S. economy and illuminate potential trends in market sectors outside of chemistry. The barometer is a critical tool for evaluating the direction of the U.S. economy. 


Chemistry is essential to our everyday lives, to the economy and to the future. The science and materials of chemistry make the lives of Americans and others throughout the world healthier, safer, and more sustainable. From contributing

Jobs Overview

Over 800,000 Americans rely on jobs in the chemistry industry.

Trade Growth

The international trade of chemicals reflects an intensely competitive struggle for markets by the producers in an increasingly global industry.

RC Grid

2 false false Government and Industry Working Together As host economy for the 2019 Chemical Dialogue, Chile has chosen two priority areas that directly affect the chemical industry: greater integration through regulatory cooperation, and sustainable development. Download the fa