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Associate Member

Being an ACC Associate Member distinguishes your company from the rest—become a strategic partner and key supporter of the global chemical industry.


Federal tax policy must keep corporate tax rates low, end double taxation and encourage research and development so U.S. chemistry industry companies can innovate, create jobs and compete globally.

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"Environmental Resources Management (ERM) seeks true partnerships with our clients. We look forward to growing with the chemical industry by delivering services to our clients that bring products to market safely, sustainably, and in compliance with global regulations..."

Affiliate Member

Affiliate Membership provides access to networking opportunities, a forum for education and a venue to work collaboratively with ACC on mutual advocacy issues. Join us today!

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ACC members have made a voluntary commitment to uphold the highest standards for protecting health, safety, and the environment.


In the state of California, several issues, such as Proposition 65 and the Safer Consumer Products Program, are of great importance to the members of the American Chemistry Council ACC has outlined both a high level overview of the legislative and regulatory body in the state of California, along with pertinent info

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Strategic Science Team   The LRI Strategic Science Team (SST), which includes both senior scientists

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