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Silicone Medical Applications

Medical-grade silicones can be important components of many health care and medical devices because of their unique characteristics that make them gentle to the body, such as their use to create fleible, wearable medical devices and health-monitoring devices.

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Silicone Automotive Applications

Silicones help deliver the strength, adhesion, durability and fuel efficiency needed for vehicles to operate smoothly in etreme temperatures.

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Silicone Building and Construction Applications

Building and construction is the primary user sector of silicones worldwide. Silicone products are used in construction to protect, protect, strengthen, preserve and provide aesthetic and innovative features to buildings.

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Silicone Textiles Applications

Silicones have revolutionized fabrics of all kinds. They help fabrics retain shape, teture, resistance to abrasion and they help achieve uniformity and brilliance of color.

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Energy Recovery Fact Sheet

Chemistry is transforming waste into a valuable energy resource through advanced energy recovery technologies. 

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Energy Recovery in Massachusetts Fact Sheet

Update the regulatory framework to recognize that plastics-to-fuel and conversion facilities process a “feedstock,” not a “waste.”

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Four Reasons US Chemical Manufacturers Support Renewing TPA

Opening market opportunities for business through multilateral, regional, and bilateral agreements is critical to boosting the competitiveness of U.S. chemical manufacturers and chemistry-dependent sectors.