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American Chemistry Council, Ohio Chemistry Technology Council Host Forum in Columbus Highlighting New Investments That Are Spurring Job Growth and Energy Security

From left to right: Jack Pounds (Ohio Chemistry
Technology Council), Terrie TerMeer (Ohio EPA),
and Dale Arnold (Ohio Farm Bureau).

COLUMBUS, OH (September 20, 2012) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC) co-hosted a policy forum today that brought together state and industry leaders to highlight growth in recycling as well as innovations and investments in energy recovery in Ohio. 

State policy and industry experts, including Terrie TerMeer from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Dale Arnold from the Ohio Farm Bureau, made the case that energy recovered from waste is an abundant, local source of alternative energy that can help power Ohio's homes, businesses and transportation-and jumpstart local economies. The forum, hosted at the Rumpke Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Columbus, Ohio, included a discussion of recommendations to help state regulators and legislators develop programs and enact policies that will continue to promote energy recovery in Ohio.

The forum also featured a panel of representatives from three Ohio companies which have already invested in new technologies that transform waste into energy, including Vexor Technologies, RES Polyflow and Vadxx Energy.

"Ohio's energy entrepreneurs are on the cutting edge of investments in energy recovery , and their story of innovation and homegrown energy should be re-told in communities all across the country," said Cal Dooley , President and CEO of the American Chemistry Council. "Energy recovery in the United States holds the potential to power homes and businesses and can help address our growing population's challenges of energy independence and waste diversion."

"Today's event showcased innovators in our state like Vexor Technology, Vadxx Energy and RES Polyflow who are helping to drive job growth and sustainable energy production in communities like Columbus, Medina and Akron," said OCTC president Jack Pounds. "Ohio's success in generating energy from waste is possible by companies investing in these new technologies, which are already reducing waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills, as well as forward-thinking policymakers and supportive local governments in Ohio."

Today's forum is a part of ACC's campaign titled, "From Chemistry to Energy." The campaign has laid out a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages the development of  natural gas from shale while promoting energy efficiency , renewables and alternative sources such as energy recovery . To learn more about the campaign and the policy remedies that were discussed during today's dialogue, please visit .

Join the conversation on Twitter using #Chemistry2Energy and follow campaign updates at  @AmChemistry and .


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