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Panel: Erin Dickison
Media: Erich Shea

The Phosgene Panel of the American Chemistry Council was established in 1972 to support the phosgene industry and to serve the public through the continuous evaluation of and improvements to the production, distribution and use of phosgene. The Panel is composed of companies that manufacture, use or distribute phosgene. Phosgene Panel members account for more than 95 percent of U.S. production of phosgene, which is several million tons of material. The Panel is guided by the principles of Responsible Care®.

Panel Objectives and Activities:

  • Promote the development of sound scientific laws and regulations for the phosgene industry,
  • Recognition of Panel member companies as responsible stewards of phosgene,
  • Making available precautionary information to all persons who will use, handle or otherwise be exposed to phosgene,
  • Continuing to improve the understanding of the adverse health effects of phosgene and fostering improvements in the medical treatment of phosgene exposure,
  • Commitment to sharing learnings from phosgene associated events/incidents across the globe, and
  • Develop ad hoc responses to environmental, health and safety issues and they arise.

Phosgene Panel Members:

BASF Corporation
The Dow Chemical Company
VanDeMark Chemicals Inc.


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