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ACC joins state lawmakers in highlighting legislation that would
expand emerging waste to energy technologies across Michigan

WASHINGTON (September 10, 2013) - The American Chemistry Council (ACC) joined business and policy leaders today for a Michigan House Energy and Technology Committee hearing on legislation that would encourage new investment in energy recovery technologies across the Great Lakes State. Craig Cookson, ACC Director of Sustainability & Recycling, urged support for  clearing regulatory barriers that would make it easier for local companies to invest in energy recovery capacity, and stressed the importance of classifying energy recovery technologies as "renewable energy."

Energy recovery technologies, like waste-to-energy, complement recycling and reduce waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills. A  2011 study from Columbia University found that if all of the non-recycled waste produced in the United States each year were recovered for energy, it could power over 16 million American homes.

In his testimony Cookson highlighted why the current statute needs to be updated to promote expansion of these emerging technologies.

"Michigan's Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act already seeks to promote the development of clean and renewable energy; to diversify the resources used to meet the energy needs; to provide greater energy security by using local energy resources already in state; and to encourage private investment in renewable energy," said Cookson. "The Act just needs to be updated to include the full suite of energy recovery technologies to include energy recovery."

Other speakers testifying in support of the legislation included Dr. Marco Castaldi, Associate Professor at The City College of New York, Ira Shaughnessy, Sustainability Manager at The Dow Chemical Company, and Tom Horton, Midwest Vice President of Public Affairs at Waste Management Inc. 

Energy recovery is one of the key pillars of ACC's "From Chemistry to Energy" campaign, designed to help meet national energy security, economic and environmental goals, while creating value for communities. To learn more about the "From Chemistry to Energy" campaign, please visit . Join the conversation on Twitter using #Chemistry2Energy and follow campaign updates at  @AmChemistry and .

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