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Panel: Bill Gulledge
Media: Bryan Goodman

A versatile and valuable building block of chemistry, ethylene oxide and its derivatives help make many of the products we use everyday, such as plastics, household cleaners, polyurethanes and ointments. A small but important use of ethylene oxide is in the sterilization of medical supplies and devices and healthcare products such as bandages.

The Ethylene Oxide Panel of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is a leading source of product stewardship and regulatory information on ethylene oxide.

The panel was created to promote the principles of Responsible Care® with respect to the safe handling and use of ethylene oxide. The Panel is actively involved in communicating on advocacy issues, current research, as well as educating government agencies and the public on health, safety and environmental issues arising from the production, use, storage, transportation and disposal of ethylene oxide.

What is Ethylene Oxide?
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Product Stewardship
EO Product Stewardship Manual – 3rd edition
Ethylene Oxide – An Essential Raw Material for Many Important Products (chart)
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The business of chemistry provides 811,000 skilled, good-paying American jobs—earning 44 percent more than the average manufacturing pay.