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Panel: Doug Anderson
Media: Lisa Dry

Changes have been made to the ACC Product Approval Code of Practice since the release of the December 2010 edition. The replacement pages below contain such changes and should be considered in effect. Code practitioners are advised to replace pages in their Code with the pages below. Please note that all changes have been previously communicated in Code Bulletins. If you have questions, please contact the PAPTG Manager.

Replacement Page- Appendix A_A-1
Replacement Pages- Appendix B_B-2 through B-6
Replacement Page- Appendix D_D-1
Replacement Page- Appendix D_D-5
Replacement Page- Appendix J_J-16
Replacement Page- Appendix J_J-19
Insert Pages- TAB 4_Pg. 1 through pg. 3.pdf


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