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The Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Panel has established Task Groups to focus on particular areas of interest.  HF Panel Task Groups currently include Medical and Toxicology, and Mutual Aid. Each task group is made up of representatives designated by member companies of the Management Task Group. 

Medical and Toxicology Task Group  

The Medical and Toxicology Task Group (MTTG)investigates, develops and exchanges the latest medical and toxicological knowledge concerning Hydrogen Fluoride. It disseminates that knowledge to ensure that workers and the public who might be exposed to Hydrogen Fluoride receive appropriate and timely medical intervention.

Task Group Objective: To exchange information regarding decontamination procedures, first aid and medical treatment and toxicology information specific to HF.

Current Activities: The Task Group continues to evaluate potential use of new HF treatments and procedures, and monitors and exchanges medical and government documents. 

Mutual Aid Task Group

Membership in the HF Mutual Aid Task Group (MATG) is open to all companies recognized as manufacturers, transporters or users of HF that sign a Mutual Aid Agreement. The HF Mutual Aid Task Group addresses industry issues related to emergency response and mutual aid assistance for anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid. 


  • Provide emergency response and mutual aid support for any HF transportation incident that may occur. 
  • Exchange HF emergency response experience. 

Current Activities: 

The Task Group has established a Mutual Aid Network which provides for cooperative emergency response by member companies in the event of a transportation incident. 

Emergency response assistance is coordinated through CHEMTREC®. CHEMTREC offers shippers and carriers of hazardous materials a cost-effective way to comply with Federal DOT Regulations, while reducing risk and promoting Responsible Care®

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