Weather Safety

Chemical companies know the importance of being prepared for any threat, be it a hurricane, an accident or something more sinister. This is why our member companies place great importance on implementing emergency plans focused on protecting the safety of employees and surrounding communities. Under Responsible Care®, our trademark health, safety, environment and security program, all ACC members have long-established emergency plans, which are activated in close coordination with local, state and national authorities, other businesses and transportation systems, along the path of the storms.

Storms that develop in the Gulf of Mexico are of particular interest to our members since much of the basic chemical production is concentrated in the Gulf Coast area in order to be located as close as possible to critical feedstock materials like natural gas. However, chemical manufacturing of some kind also exists in every state, which is why ACC members will make sure all of their facilities are prepared to weather the storm.



Responsible Care

Developed by ACC and its member companies based on industry best practices to drive continuous improvement in chemical product safety, as part of the industry's signature environmental, health, safety and security program.