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Reports and Studies

Determination of N2-hydroxymethyl-dG Adducts in Nasal Epithelium and Bone Marrow of Nonhuman Primates Following 13CD2-Formaldehyde Inhalation Exposure

The presence of endogenous and exogenous N(2)-hydroxymethyl-dG adducts in DNA from the nasal mucosa and bone marrow of cynomolgus macaques exposed to 1.9 and 6.1 ppm of [(13)CD(2)]-formaldehyde for 6 h a day for 2 consecutive days was investigated using a highly sensitive nano-UPLC-MS/MS method with a limit of detection of 20 amol.

Calidad Del Agua: Desinfección Effectiva

RESUMEN La cloraci n ha desempe ado una funci n cr tica al proteger los abastecimientos de agua potable de las enfermedades infecciosas transmitidas por agua durante casi un siglo Se ha reconocido ampliamente a la cloraci n del agua potable como uno de los adelantos m s significativos en la protecci n de la salud


The Phenol Panel of the American Chemistry Council formed in 1988 to address health and safety issues relating to the manufacture and use of phenol.  The Panel is comprised of major U.S. producers of phenol.