Signature Programs

Responsible Care®
Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s world-class performance initiative, delivering management efficiencies across business units, while improving company and industry environmental, health, safety and security performance.

Plastics Division

With seven specialized product groups, ACC’s Plastics Division is at the forefront of the industry, representing leading manufacturers of plastic resins. ACC’s Plastics Division has developed rigorously researched industry data and works to bring about constructive solutions for a range of environmental issues that provide bottom-line business value to its members.

  BASF has been impressed by the Plastics Division’s ability to protect and grow opportunities in the building and construction sectors, and in effectively communicating the many benefits of plastics.
--Jack Armstrong, Leader—Construction Markets, BASF

Chemical Products and Technology Division (CPTD)

From biocides to nanotechnology to flame retardants, ACC’s Chemical Products and Technology Division provides strategic planning and comprehensive issue management services including regulatory, legislative and marketplace advocacy; research; legal; and communication services, technical and management services, issue management activities, specialized advocacy, research, education, communication and evaluation services to a core group of more than 50 sector and chemical-specific product groups.

Chlorine Chemistry Division

The Chlorine Chemistry Division represents major producers and users of chlorine in the United States and promotes and protects the sustainability of chlorine chemistry processes, products and applications. The division engages in regulatory activities for chlor-alkali and chlorine products.

Economics and Statistics

ACC’s Economics and Statistics Department is the definitive source for relevant and timely statistics on the business of chemistry and the contributions of the industry to our national economy. Dr. Kevin Swift is an industry expert and ACC’s chief economist.