2021 ACC Sustainability Leadership Awards
Application Period Open:

Deadline Extended to March 31, 2021

ACC is accepting applications for its 2021 Sustainability Leadership Awards, from January 1 through March 31, 2021. The application for the Sustainability Leadership Awards is available here.

ACC developed the Sustainability Leadership Awards Program in 2019, to recognize ACC member company achievements and contributions to sustainability in priority areas highlighted in ACC’s sustainability strategy. This will be the third year that ACC has conducted this awards program, and we are very pleased with the growth of the participation from members and the robust company initiatives we have been able to highlight.

The awards categories have been revised slightly since 2020. This year, ACC member companies are encouraged to submit applications for awards in the following categories:

  1. Product Safety, Innovation & Transparency
  2. Environmental Protection
  3. Circularity
  4. Societal Contributions

In addition, as in previous years, ACC members can ominate an external organization that they have worked with for ACC’s External Collaborator Award, which will recognize an external organization that has collaborated with an ACC member company on a project, product or initiative that has made significant contributions to sustainability.

The Sustainability Leadership Awards Application form includes detailed information on the awards categories and instructions on award submission.

ACC will present the Sustainability Leadership Awards at the ACC Annual Meeting in June 2021. We encourage all member companies to consider submitting a sustainability-related product, process or initiative for a 2021 award.

Please contact Jenny Heumann, at jenny_heumann@americanchemistry.com, with any questions.


2020 Sustainability Leadership Award Winners

"Transparency & Collaboration” Award:

Emission Lab_ATC Afton Chemical Corporation, for its “Improved Transparency for Product Hazard Communication” initiative to enhance transparency and publicly available information on its products.

“Environmental Protection & Circularity” Award (tie):

AmSty_sustainability AmSty for its “Regenyx Joint Venture,” a first-of-its-kind chemical recycling facility that converts used polystyrene products back to its original feedstock form.

"Environmental Protection & Circularity” Award (tie):

Ashland Sustainability Ashland LLC, for “Supporting the Trend toward Plant-Based Foods while Incorporating Circular Economy Practices.”

Societal Contributions Award/External Collaborator

Woman with child drinking water Occidental Chemical Corporation and Water Mission for their partnership to help provide clean water for more than one million people in refugee camps and emergency disaster areas.


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