Our Commitments:
Improve Our Own Sustainability Performance and Help Others Do the Same

Chemicals must be produced and used in ways that protect the health of people and the environment. We hold ourselves to this standard and are helping other manufacturers and businesses do the same.

And our commitment to sustainability goes beyond safe chemistry.

We must also put the power of chemistry and our industry’s best minds to work, along with experts from the fields of energy, water, nutrition, health care, building and construction, transportation, recycling and waste management, environmental protection and sustainable development, to develop new and innovative ways that chemistry can contribute to a sustainable future.

As an industry, we will:

  • Develop new ways to measure and promote the safe and sustainable use of chemicals.
  • Set high industry sustainability standards, hold ourselves accountable and exceed government regulations. Within a year, we will adopt new sustainability metrics to track our performance and allow others to measure our progress.
  • Elevate the quality of life for people around the world through technologies that improve health and wellness, enable food security, increase access to clean water and provide comfortable shelter.
  • Improve the availability, performance and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies enabled by chemistry.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacture and use of our products.
  • Protect our environment by supporting efforts to reduce and manage waste so oceans and water sources are not polluted with mishandled plastic or other materials.
  • Promote innovations in product design, product re-use, repurposing and recycling to extend the useful life and value of all products.

A sustainable future will require commitments from individuals, communities, governments, business and industry. The chemical industry is committed to being part of the solution.

Chemistry in Action

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Responsible Care®:

For more than 30 years, the chemical industry has committed to excellence in environmental, health, safety and security performance
through Responsible Care®.


Commitment to Science & Research

ACC is investing in research to improve understanding of how chemicals impact health and the environment.