American Chemistry Council Sustainability Principles

The American Chemistry Council and its members believe chemistry plays an integral role in solving our world’s sustainability challenges. We are therefore committed to advancing safe, innovative, effective, and economically viable chemical products and technologies that are key to unlocking sustainability solutions. 

Our Commitment

We will:

Promote the safe use of chemicals, informed sustainability decision-making and accelerated innovation by:

  • Providing information on the impact of chemicals based on hazards, exposures, risks and lifecycle impacts using best available science.
  • Creating frameworks to enable transparent decision-making for chemical products and technologies used along the supply chain.

Address environmental impacts of our operations and products, including:

  • Achieving measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants in the manufacture and distribution of our products.
  • Conserving materials and resources, and reducing waste through reuse and recycling.
  • Collaborating to reduce marine debris and its impacts.

Go beyond regulatory requirements to manage, monitor and report progress through Responsible Care®, our association’s mandatory health, safety, environment and security program, which includes: 

  • Systems to continuously improve chemical safety.
  • Third-party certification of practices and systems.
  • Transparent reporting of results.

Collaborate with others to fulfill our commitments to sustainability.

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

We are committed to creating innovative products that:

  • Safely feed a growing global population through technologies that reduce food waste, improve food safety and quality, and enhance crop yield.
  • Help people live healthier, longer lives through enhanced sanitation, hygiene, medicines and medical treatment.
  • Drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency of vehicles, buildings and industry through materials and technologies that power, strengthen, insulate and reduce weight.
  • Improve availability of clean water through resource conservation, reuse, purification, and filtration.
  • Help build and connect communities, elevate standards of living and contribute meaningfully to the world’s economy.

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Chemistry in Action

A Commitment to Product Safety through Responsible Care®

While more than a dozen federal laws regulate the safe use of chemicals, Responsible Care means that ACC members go above and beyond these requirements. ACC members adhere to the Responsible Care Product Safety Code, a comprehensive set of practices and procedures to safely manage the products they manufacture.


How Chemistry Helps Keep Us Healthy

Chemistry plays a key role in keeping us healthy. Over the past century, advances in chemistry have led to groundbreaking medicines and medical treatments that have eradicated once deadly diseases.