Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Quality of LifeThe chemical industry helps communities prosper and grow, and we make it a priority to support our neighbors, especially in times of need. Chemistry enables countless technologies that make life healthy, safe and comfortable, contributing to higher standard of living for people across the country and around the world.

The Science Behind Sustainability

Sustainability Challenge:

As communities grow and expand, the need for products and technologies that enhance quality of life will continue to grow.

Chemistry Solution:

Efforts and commitments from the chemical industry and its more than 811,000 employees across the United States help cities and towns meet the needs of their citizens.

Sustainability Benefit:

By engaging in local outreach efforts, ACC member companies help build and grow healthy, safe, secure communities.

Strong communities are defined by engagement from their members, from government institutions and businesses to local nonprofits and energized citizens. ACC member companies are a vital part of the fabric of the cities and towns where they operate. A few of their stories are below:

  • Many of ACC’s member companies call Texas home. In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated whole communities along the Texas coast and surrounding Houston. In the days and weeks after Harvey hit, ACC members donated nearly $40 million to charitable organizations to help Texas families put their lives back together after the storm.
  • Since 2007, the Albemarle Foundation has donated more than $25 million to more than 200 organizations in their local communities that engage in education, social and health services, and cultural initiatives.
  • Nova Chemicals employees support diverse community-focused initiatives, including volunteering at local food banks, participating in river conservation programs, and educating local community residents about power line safety.
  • In 2016, Ingevity contributed more than $100,000 to United Way of Southwest Louisiana, supporting programs that provide work opportunities for the developmentally disabled, delivering free meals to homebound seniors and providing shelter for battered women and their children.
  • Covestro’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted by their Ignite, Imagine and Innovate initiative, which in 2016 distributed more than $585,000 to community organizations to support partnerships between the company’s workforce and communities. Covestro also connects nonprofits with corporate professionals to help them solve business challenges.
  • LyondellBasell supports more than 1,000 community organizations dedicated to improving the health, level of education and environment in surrounding communities, from initiatives to clean parks and beaches distributing food to underserved communities. In 2016, the company raised more than $1.9 million to support the United Way of Greater Houston. 

Chemistry in Action

Swimmer w/Goggles and Swim Cap

Chemistry Enables Active, Healthy Lifestyles

From modern swimsuits that help athletes glide through the water to plastic fibers that make our workout clothing breathe and wick away sweat, the products of chemistry help us live active, healthy lifestyles.