Steps in the Transition to a Circular, Sustainable Economy

Progress toward a circular economy should include not only responsible use of natural resources, but also enable the reuse, repurposing, recycling and recovery of the value locked in materials traditionally viewed as waste.

Achieving this global vision will take time, collaboration and resolve. We are committed to prioritizing innovative material design and designing systems approaches that advance operational efficiency, materials reuse and resource conservation.

Our industry is committed to collaborating across the manufacturing economy to make progress toward circularity through:

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  • Innovations that help improve the reuse, repurposing and recycling rates of products like plastics, as reflected in ambitious plastics recycling and recovery goals.
  • Technologies that recapture and repurpose chemicals used in manufacturing and break down discarded materials into their basic chemical building blocks, to extend the lifespan and create additional value for these molecules as raw materials that can be made into new products or support new industrial uses.
  • Sustainable product design and materials selection that improves product durability, extends product lifespans and enables repurposing of product components, preserving their value and usefulness in a regenerative system.
  • Use of systems approaches and lifecycle accounting to pursue technologies and products that reduce resource requirements and waste across the chemicals supply chain, from design, manufacturing and use, to resource recovery, reuse, recycling and ultimate disposal.
  • Greater resource efficiency and optimization of manufacturing processes that allow raw materials to go further, so more can be done with fewer resources and less waste.
  • Capturing value locked in products and materials that are traditionally discarded after a single iteration, either through reuse for the same purpose, or through reincarnations into entirely new and different uses.
  • New commitments and investments that will allow industry and society to maximize the value, usefulness and societal benefit of every molecule, material and product that chemistry enables.

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