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We all must do our part to keep our shorelines and waterways free of debris

SACRAMENTO, CA. (October 28, 2011) - The following statement can be attributed to Steve Russell , Vice President, Plastics, American Chemistry Council.

"The coordinated plastic pellet cleanup undertaken by the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board , the  State Water Resources Control Board and  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency serves as a good reminder to plastics companies to implement good housekeeping practices in order to contain pellets.

"Plastic products make modern life possible by providing unparalleled health and safety benefits, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. No one wants to see plastic, or any material, end up as trash in our environment. That's why we all must do our part to keep our shorelines and waterways free of debris.

"For decades the plastics industry has been on the forefront of efforts to promote pellet containment practices through Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). Jointly managed by SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association and the American Chemistry Council, OCS encourages plastic resin handling companies to implement pellet containment practices to work toward achieving zero pellet loss. Since the program's creation some studies show that the amount of plastic pellets in the world's oceans has decreased. 

"Pellet containment assistance tools are available online at no cost to all companies that make, use or handle plastics, and ACC is open to working with the Water Board to get OCS materials into the hands of more California companies."

"America's plastics makers also are partnering with government and nongovernment organizations, academia, businesses and consumers, nationally and globally, to find solutions to the problems of litter and marine debris. Earlier this year, ACC and  Plastics Europe launched a  global response bringing together more than fifty world plastic organizations from nearly 30 countries. 

For more information and tools to implement Operation Clean Sweep at your facility, please see: .


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