Scott Jensen

What’s Happening?

The quality and reliability of rail service has eroded significantly due to deep cuts to the freight rail network, which has prolonged the supply chain crisis and hurt many businesses. To make matters worse, a strike could occur in December, shutting down freight rail service across the country.  

What’s at Stake?

Chemical shipments are crucial for the production of many essential products that protect public health and safety, including water treatment. Chemicals also support our every segment of the economy – from farms to factories.

According to an economic analysis conducted by ACC, the impact of a strike would be felt almost immediately in terms of business shutdowns, scarcity of materials and goods, likely higher prices and lost economic activity. Chemical manufacturers are one of the first industries that will be impacted, stopping the transportation of chemicals critical to everyday life, including water treatment, energy production and food production. A rail strike would quickly send shockwaves that would be felt by households across the country and push the economy toward a recession.

Jobs would be lost due to a one-month long strike.
Billion dollars would be pulled out of the economy.

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