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Courtney Johnson

The men and women of chemistry are working everyday to solve the nation's biggest challenges from combating climate change to creating products that keep us healthy and safe. It is important that they have advocates who are working to engage elected officials in their communities, state capitols, and Washington DC.

ChemistryMatters utilizes the newest technologies to compliment the advocacy efforts of our member companies, everything from take-action campaigns to social media. We also work with our member companies to highlight the positive impacts of chemistry to state and federally elected officials through roundtables and in-person facility tours.

ChemistryMatters Slogan,
If ChemistryMatters to you, then your voice matters to us

It is more than a slogan, it is a promise that our advocates will work to bring awareness to the issues that matter most to the allies of chemistry.

Visit ChemistryMatters to join and become an advocate for the future.

25%+ Of the U.S GDP is supported by the business of chemistry
4.1 Million jobs are created by the business of chemistry. For every one of these jobs created, 6.8 are generated elsewhere in the economy

Chemistry in the States

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