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Product Safety & Innovation

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Chemistry plays an essential role in the products and technologies we use every day, from vital ingredients in consumer products to raw materials in manufacturing processes.

ACC member companies are innovators – developing the products that are critical to advancing sustainability in our communities and around the world. Chemicals also need to be produced and used in ways that protect the health of people and the environment.

In developing new products and technologies, ACC members consider product safety and sustainable chemistry throughout the product innovation process. This means incorporating product safety assessments to identify hazards and potential risks early in the product development process, as well as reviewing existing product portfolios to identify opportunities to innovate products with improved safety profiles.

ACC members are committed to openly and transparently providing information about potential hazards and risks associated with the products they manufacture, to increase confidence in their safety.

ACC Member Contributions to Product Safety & Innovation

ACC members are committed to the safety of the products they manufacture, and providing transparent information about these products. Our companies are focused on innovating new products and materials that optimize sustainable chemistry approaches.

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