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Process Safety Code

Dan Roczniak
Tara Henriksen, PhD, PMP
Two Workers Walking Through Chemical Facility

Responsible Care® companies are committed to safe operations. The Responsible Care Process Safety Code sets forth this collective commitment to a culture of process safety throughout chemical facility processing operations, management systems and leadership structures.

Implementing the Process Safety Code is mandatory for all ACC Responsible Care companies.

The Code aims to supplement existing process safety requirements contained within the Responsible Care Management System® (RCMS®) and RC14001® technical specifications, by specifically addressing process safety concepts such as leadership, accountability and culture in order to drive overall process safety performance improvement. It is also intended to complement existing regulatory requirements, such as OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard and EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) standard.

The Responsible Care Process Safety Code differs from regulatory standards that, by necessity, focus on process safety at an individual facility. The Process Safety Code is more universal—it addresses issues across a division or corporation, and includes a company commitment to set process safety expectations, define accountability for process safety performance and allocate adequate resources to achieve performance expectations.

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