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Panel: Doug Anderson
Media: Jennifer Garfinkel

The Petroleum Additives Safety Task Group (PAST) is a separately funded task group of the Petroleum Additives Panel. PAST member companies include: Afton Chemical, Chevron Oronite, Infineum USA and the Lubrizol Corporation.

The mission of the Petroleum Additives Safety Task (PAST) Group is to support and promote the safe handling of fuel and lubricant additives during their manufacture, transportation, use and disposal.

In support of this mission, the PAST Group will:

  • Collect, analyze and share information on safe handling, transportation, and use;
  • Support appropriate research and studies related to safety issues; and
  • Represent the Panel in discussions related to safety issues.


In 2014, PAST began developing a ZDDP Safe Handling Guidelines documents. A copy of this document was completed in September 2015 and is available for download below.


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