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Why Replace BPA?

While the controversy surrounding BPA may be interesting and important, the controversy by itself does not provide an answer to the key question addressed in this article – Why replace BPA?

Infographics and Fact Sheets

Formaldehyde Automotive Applications

In the automotive industry, formaldehyde-based technologies are used to make interior molded and under-the-hood components.

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Low Dose Hypothesis and Non-Monotonic Dose Response

When evaluating toxicity of chemicals, scientists test a wide range of doses from low microgram levels to thousands of times higher (in the milligrams per day range).

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Chemicals and Endocrine Disruption

Its important to distinguish between substances that may interact with the endocrine system from actual endocrine disruptors that cause adverse health effects.

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Nanotechnology Panel Presents at Society of Toxicology

On March 13, the ACC Nanotechnology Panel presented a poster titled Comparative assessment of nanomaterial definitions and considerations for implementation at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Toicology.

Infographics and Fact Sheets

Keys to Export Growth for the Chemical Sector

Eport performance for the chemical sector depends on establishing a business environment that helps reduce production costs and promotes innovation and growth.