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Diverse Women Conducting Research in Laboratory

Science is essential to sound decision-making regarding the use, safety and development of chemicals, which is more evident today than ever before. Demands are increasingly heard for more data and better information to help improve the quality of public health and the environment. At its core, the business of chemistry is all about science—science aimed at driving innovations in products and technologies that help make our lives healthier, safer, more sustainable and more productive.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its members are dedicated to improving public understanding of the safety and benefits of chemicals, as well as our understanding of the potential health and environmental risks.

By supporting and conducting innovative, ground-breaking research, we are helping to advance 21st century approaches that improve science and risk-based decision making. And, at the same time, we are committed to building collaborative and international scientific networks that are helping to strengthen the link among research, practice and policy. Put simply, our goal is to improve chemical safety assessments in order to drive risk-based decision making that can be more easily and effectively applied by governmental and regulatory agencies, as well as the general public.