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Sharon Dubrow
Jenny Heumann Godes
Water Treatment Plant Filtering Clean Water

Water is essential to all life on Earth, and the need for clean, accessible water is as urgent as ever. By 2030, water demand will exceed supply by 40 percent, according to the World Bank. Conservation alone will not fill the gap.

The chemical industry plays a vital role in developing the products and technologies that enable clean water. Advances in technologies made possible by chemistry will enable water conservation, sanitation, reuse and the transformation of contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water for people around the world.

ACC members are committed to water stewardship and protecting drinking water near our facilities. ACC has partnered with The Water Council to develop water body risk assessment methods to help our member companies identify and consider potential actions they can take to address and mitigate water-related risks.

ACC Member Contributions to Water Quality

The following stories highlight products and technologies developed by ACC member companies that are helping to reduce water consumption, protect water resources and enhance water quality around the world: