Overregulating the chemistry industry jeopardizes innovation, jobs, and economic growth. Learn more.

Scott Lindley

From the Capitol to the courthouse, from the statehouse to the city council, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) serves as a partner and an ally to our members. We are the collective voice of the chemical manufacturing sector and its value chain. ACC's mission is to advocate for the people, policy, and products of chemistry that make the United States the global leader in innovation and manufacturing.

When the interests of many come together as one, we speak and act with a stronger, more effective voice. This helps create a more favorable business and political climate that protects the people and products of American chemistry.

Why Join?

Our members are your customers, suppliers and competitors. They are the leading companies of all sizes, engaged in every aspect of the business of chemistry, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Storage and disposal
  • Sales and marketing
  • Consulting, logistics and equipment manufacturing

ACC Member Company Locations

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