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Being an ACC associate member distinguishes your company from the rest. Associate members are leaders in these industries: accounting and auditing, banking and financial, engineering, environment, health and safety, hardware and software providers, insurance, management, PR/media, management, research and development and security.


  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and decision makers 
  • Target marketing and branding opportunities 
  • Access to exclusive ACC events 
  • Industry-issue and policy updates 

ACC’s self-select model allows you to identify your level of commitment based on your company’s current and future business needs.

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AJ Scamuffa, U.S. Chemicals Leader , PwC
There's a lot to be said for getting involved in a professional association like the American Chemistry Council. Outside of the connections I've made with other ACC members, it's the discussion that occurs during the meetings that provide us with the insights we need to solve the complex challenges of the chemical industry. It's the thinking we do together, around topics such as ESG and D&I, that will lead to discovery.

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