Overregulating the chemistry industry jeopardizes innovation, jobs, and economic growth. Learn more.

Jennifer Scott

American chemistry is taking action to address climate change. First and foremost, we're exploring, developing, and deploying new technologies to reduce our own emissions. These include carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS); lower-emission hydrogen, steam, and electricity; the use of biomaterials and circular feedstocks instead of virgin materials; cracker electrification; and industrial energy efficiency programs, to name a few.

Billion generated annually by the business of chemistry

Meanwhile, our companies are providing essential inputs for energy-saving and renewable solutions that help others reduce emissions, from solar panels and wind turbines to electric and fuel-efficient vehicles, high-performance building materials, advanced batteries and more.

Skilled, good-paying American jobs are provided by the business of chemistry
Of the U.S GDP is supported by the business of chemistry

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