Overregulating the chemistry industry jeopardizes innovation, jobs, and economic growth. Learn more.

Chemistry Creates,
America Competes.

Chemistry is essential to modern life and to the economic and environmental health of our nation.



Chris Jahn, President & CEO | American Chemistry Council
Unless the Biden Administration takes a different approach to how it creates and implements regulations, the availability of critical chemistries will dwindle—and the country’s climate, infrastructure and supply chain priorities will suffer as well. It’s quite simple - America’s success depends on American chemistry.


Chris Jahn
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Learn How Chemistry Creates, America Competes.

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American Success Relies on American Chemistry

From supply chain, climate, and sustainability challenges to energy efficiency, power delivery, national security, and infrastructure needs, our nation depends on the products and innovations made by America’s chemical industry. 

Chemistry enables affordable housing, reliable infrastructure, and effective, modern healthcare technologies. It is the driving force behind everyday products like smartphones and computers. And it is essential to transformative products like electrical vehicles and solar panels which are driving the future. 

Chemical manufacturing is responsible for more than $600 billion in economic impact in the United States, providing good-paying jobs to over half a million Americans and supporting 25% of our GDP.  

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Overregulation Weakens Global Competitiveness

Of Americans agree that additional restrictions on the chemical sector proposed by the EPA are an example of regulatory overload.

Unfortunately, our nation’s success is being threatened by a growing problem. 

A surge in new restrictions and lack of coordination between the Biden Administration and its agencies is handicapping the chemical industry’s ability to create products.  

New proposed restrictions could limit access to and increase the cost of essential products, harming the U.S. economy, jeopardizing American competitiveness in the global market, and delaying progress for industries and sectors with urgent and growing needs.  

This jeopardizes our national priorities, our economy, and America’s ability to compete with countries like China. 

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Economic Impacts and Slowed Progress


Of Americans agree that the Biden Administration should review additional restrictions proposed by agencies like the EPA more carefully.

We support responsible regulation that puts science first, promotes innovation and supports supply chain resiliency. 

There are currently 13 proposed new restrictions with the potential to directly impact the chemical industry. Some aim to outright ban certain chemistries. Others may regulate chemistries to levels where manufacturing becomes unviable or impossible. If enacted, these restrictions have the potential for a detrimental impact on the supply chains for vital technologies, including semiconductors, clean energy solutions like electric vehicles, and many modern healthcare applications. 

What’s more, these restrictions contradict policy priorities set forth by laws like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and CHIPS and Science Act. 

If proposed regulations stifle or backfire on policy goals set forth by the Biden Administration, what’s the point?

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Support for Innovation 

For chemical manufacturers, the situation must change. Together, we can address these flawed restrictions.  

Without appropriate oversight and the use of sound science to drive regulation, critical chemistries have the potential to suffer, along with the innovations and jobs that rely on them.

Of Americans feel strongly that EPA should do more to ensure the restrictions they impose don’t do harm to the U.S. economy.
Chris Jahn , President & CEO | American Chemistry Council
We want the Biden Administration and regulators to work with us not against us. We must find a better and more thoughtful way to regulate our industry that does not sacrifice America’s future. We are better together, and bringing people together and innovating is what chemistry is all about. It’s in our DNA. It’s in our products. And it should be in our policies.
We call on the Biden Administration, Federal agencies, and Congress, to support frameworks that celebrate innovation and accelerate progress.

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*The data is supported by a survey conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of ACC.

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