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Highway Bridge Over River

Potential Rail Strike

A possible rail strike is threatening to cause a major disruption to the economy and stop the movement of vital chemicals that are critical to everyday life. Congress must act to prevent the shutdown of America’s freight rail system. 

Freight Rail Reform

Years have passed since the Surface Transportation Board has updated its freight rail policies.

As a member of the Rail Customer Coalition, ACC is calling on the Surface Transportation Board to address growing freight rail problems by adopting long overdue reforms, including Final Offer Rater Review and access to Competitive Switching.

Truck Driver Shortage

New truck drivers need to be hired in the next decade to keep up with demand.

ACC along with broad group of industry groups is calling on House and Senate leadership to the DRIVE-Safe Act, which will address the nation’s growing truck driver shortage by promoting job opportunities and enhanced safety training for young transportation workers. 

Advanced Materials

Our member companies are critical to providing the innovative construction materials and techniques needed to make America’s infrastructure more resilient and sustainable. The chemical industry invests more in research and development than leading industries like electronics, automobiles and healthcare. Investing more than $10 billion in 2019. To keep the U.S. at the forefront of innovation, Congress must adopt the proposals in the Innovative Materials for America’s Growth and Infrastructure Newly Expanded (IMAGINE) Act.

Open Competition

The U.S. government provides major resources to help municipalities rebuild crumbling infrastructure. It’s critical that this new construction incorporates innovative technologies and advanced materials, in order to produce sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems that will last for several generations. Modernizing the procurement processes and eliminating outdated material restrictions will allow engineers to select the best material for the job and make the best use of taxpayer’s dollars.

Million tons of products were transported in 2021, making the business of chemistry one of the country’s largest shippers
Billion plus invested in research and development by chemical companies in 2021

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