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Responsible Care® Partners

Dan Roczniak
Tara Henriksen, PhD, PMP

Safe chemicals management doesn’t end when a chemical product leaves the manufacturing facility. That’s why ACC extends the Responsible Care® ethic and management practices across the chemical supply chain through its Responsible Care Partner Program.

The Responsible Care Partner Program is open to companies that have direct, substantial involvement in the distribution, transportation, storage, use, treatment, disposal or sales and marketing of chemicals.

Responsible Care Partners adhere to the same Responsible Care requirements as ACC members – their CEOs have made a commitment to uphold the Responsible Care program elements.

Partner companies are separated into different sectors based on their primary business operation. These companies strive to continually improve environmental, health, safety and security performance for all of their chemical operations.

Responsible Care Partners collect and annually report performance data in the following areas:

  • Employee, Product and Process Safety
  • Chemical Supply Chain Security
  • Product Stewardship, including managing product safety and product communications
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Accountability through Management System Certification
  • Community Outreach

If you have any questions about the Responsible Care Partner Program, or joining the program, contact Greg Rhoads at rc_partners@americanchemistry.com.

Responsible Care Partners

Bulk Truck Sector

Logistics Management Sector

Terminal Operators Sector

Equipment Suppliers Sector

Marine Operators Sector

Non Bulk LTL Motor Carriers Sector

Partner Distributors Sector

Rail Carriers Sectors

Services Sector

Warehouse Companies Sector

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