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Weather Safety

Our member companies place great importance on having plans in place for a wide-variety of potential emergency situations, including bad weather. While each situation can be unique, every plan is focused on protecting the safety of employees and surrounding communities.

Chemical Manufacturing & Safety

Utilizing industry programs such as ACC’s Responsible Care®, they go to great lengths to prevent incidents and protect their workers and neighbors. 


The chemical industry manufactures products that are vital to the everyday health and well-being of our nation, which is why the Department of Homeland Security designated the chemical industry as critical infrastructure.

Within months of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, ACC created a stringent, mandatory security program called the Responsible Care® Security Code. Since 9/11/2001, ACC members have invested heavily under the Security Code to further enhance site, transportation, and cyber security at their facilities. The Security Code has become a gold standard for the industry and served as a model for regulatory programs.

Billion invested by ACC member companies to further enhance facility security since Sept. 11, 2001
Better worker safety rate from Responsible Care companies than the U.S. manufacturing sector as a whole

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