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Scott Jensen


Protecting the technology that helps run facilities and the valuable information regarding chemical formulas and customer databases from a potential cyber-attack are a primary focus for our industry.

Of all data breaches motivated by espionage or stealing commercial information

As part of their commitment under the Responsible Care® Security Code, ACC member companies must assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities, implement security measures to address them and provide appropriate training and guidance to employees on current and emerging cyber-related threats.

Unlike other critical infrastructure sectors, the federal government regulates cybersecurity for the chemical sector. Under the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), chemical facilities must meet comprehensive cybersecurity requirements that address the protection of business networks and process control systems.

Seconds — a new cyber attack starts

Beyond CFATS, the chemical sector has also been actively engaged with the federal government as the National Institute of Standards and Technology moves forward with implementing a cybersecurity framework in response to Executive Order 13650.