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Chemistry Is Along For The Ride: Chemistry Of Cars

by LabNotes

Chemistry is literally all around us. In truth, we don’t realize how much of our daily routine comes in contact with chemistry like with the casual use of our cars. The everyday use of our plastic and steel machines that take us from point A to point B is a huge example of chemistry that surrounds us.

With the growing need to improve gas mileage, auto manufactures are continually innovating ways to incorporate lightweight materials for cars and trucks. Chemistry is key for items we find in the vehicles we drive everyday.

Diisocyanates (DII) are commonly found throughout cars in forms of soft touch cup holders, interior sections of the car and also the outer panels, break tubes, tires and various other parts. While looks are nice, the most important feature of a vehicle is often the functionality. DII Chemistry also works to create the functional parts of your car such as the steering wheel, window seals and tire fill or fixing of a flat tire. Did you know that not only is that “soft touch” fabric from DII Chemistry for comfort but it can also help protect against UV rays on places like the armrests, steering wheels, and headrests?

Chemistry also plays a role in creating a powerful battery life and seat cushions that conform to a variety of body types. We must also thank chemistry for the science behind fibers and building materials in cars that resist dents, scrapes and chips.

Plastic is more commonly found in parts of cars than most people may realize. Thanks to chemistry and advance technology, we have cushioned pieces in our cars that feel soft to the touch while functioning for our everyday commute. For example, the armrests, door and center consoles make for comfort and ease, thanks to plastic.

Next time you’re in your car, look around and appreciate the science that goes in to the armrests, seat cushions, window seals and just everyday pieces we may take for granted.

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